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a twitter screenshot. an artist, 'unya,' comments - 'this improvement' - coupled by 2 images - the leftmost being an old drawing of theirs, and the rightmost being a newer redraw. another user adds onto the conversation, replying with a paragraph of praise directed to the leftmost drawing, saying how much the artist improved from 'the right one'. the artist bluntly replies, '...that's the old drawing.'
a self-reflection on this era of my artwork [& the fear of regression]

i used to feel a lot of shame over these artworks, so much so that i almost decided not to share them here. not because they're bad, but because of the complete opposite- the fact that i believe these arts are way more technically sound and visually appealling than what i make in 2023-24.

i think that the fear of 'getting worse' is one that's prevalent among artists, and i especially had internalized this a lot in early 2023. when i started diverging from my usual art program from 21-22. during this time i was noticing stagnation in my 'improvement,' and i felt such panic over it,, but now looking back, i think that's dramatic to say. (1)well duh i'm rusty, i'm using a newer program. (2)it's like. really fun to experiment. staying in the same style/techniques/program forever sounds kinda boring anyhow.

hiding this era's drawings seems like a shame cuz they're genuinely really good. but letting them define my art now also seems like a shame too. so. we have the equilibrium. acceptance~~

i feel a lot less shame looking at my 21-22 works today. my newer stuff's different, sure, but calling one era of work 'better' than another is just a bit unfair imo. simplier or more mundane doesn't equate to being worse, and for what i make now, my art fits.

mostly, i just want to draw my hot fish boys in peace.

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