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AAAND that's a wrap for the april/may artblog! :D [again, u can click the images for more content :eyes emoji: ]

okokokokok so,

this batch of artwork was made just after my laptop broke down. this mspaint artist has been forcefully RETIRED, RIP 2-in-1 lenovo laptop of 7 years, you will be missed. to cope, i am now trying to adjust to an ipad/iphone artist and uh! ig you can judge how well i've done. a lot of my attactched commentary is just me complaining LOLOLOLOL. oh well i'll eventually get the hang of it.

anyways yeye i hope u enjoyed the first monthly blog o7


 AKA: where i share this month's major source of inspiration fuel 

ohhhh the online music festival electropunkz 2023 happened this month & i made sure to catch it live :D

a poster listing the artist lineup for electropunkz 2023

i got to discover some fresh new artists while doodling, always a pleasure. among my favourite performances were from theemotron, swampwalk, & major entertainer. both theemotron & swampwalk's were so very atmospheric n easygoing, and major entertainer's performance was actually just rly rly funny^^. uuuu but unfortunatly the vod isn't archivable (if it is idk where to find it) D: it is up to the artists to release their individual sets and so my praises probs seem pretty out-of-context rip. do check them out tho & *all* the musicians who performed !

alsoalso ! devi mccallion & ada rook of black dresses ended up posting their sets & i could not be happier tbh. been listening to theirs on loop since they released.

bro i am WEAK. hearing sardonica live almost made me cry. the ORGANS coming in at the very end???? FUCK. check out ada's whole set but ESPECIALLY sardonica if u can wowow.

on the opposite side of the emotional scale, devi comes out with a v easygoing & down-to-earth performance. a sleepy mood accompanies her 2023 set, here ! [& below] call it bias or what, but this one's probs my favourite out of all of em haha. matched my mood thru this month ;o;

devi's set !

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