sequential illustration of a dialog between two people, one person is irritated. he up, and says, 'oh, it's just you.' the other is upside-down from withinn another frame, saying, 'castor! haha, just the man i wanted to see!'

You Again

creation date: early april

character featured: enzo & archer

k so. while the isra hbd portrait was a style test for illustration, THIS was a style test for comics. hypothetically. if i ever wanted to make one ever again.

i was tryinta see what a panel might look like if drawn very loosely. like, ive done comics in this program before, but i wanted to find a style that'd allow me to finish pages *quickly* ...cos the older sequential stuff ive done in ibis before (i.e. BOCT) - they were very pretty but they took wayyyyyy too long to do. like. dont even talk to me.

uuuu as for this piece's function as a style test,,,,, it kinda failed tbh LOL. i do not like the style of this thing x-x

i was going for a messy lineart, v angular, limited undos type of thing? but the anatomy of the characters looks *off* to me because of it? the shapes aren't the type i would normally like to see in a comic of mine? too long & skinny & rectangular if that makes any sense. i dunno, just seems endlessly off for reasons i cannot articulate, but that's ok, cos now i know what to avoid at all costs next time. BRO i couldn't even nail the color scheme, i had to put so many damn filters on this thing to finally be satisfied guhhh

archer looks alright though, all things considered. what a silly guy.