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closing thoughts


oh mannnn how have two months gone by so fast yet so excruciatingly slowly. guh....... tis what the start of a semester does to a mf.

honestly i created a suprisingly large amount of finished pieces in these 2 months, but it really doesn't feel like that at all. im p stumped rn cos i remember nOTHING lol. it's all gotta have been from august, i was busy as helllll in september, aint no way.

all in all though, i can say that i've become a lot more confident with using ibis now-- i know which tools i prefer and can replicate a bunch of coloring styles that i *actually* enjoy using, despite not having one i consistently stick with. it's nice to finally know my way around the program, especially after the wimpy flat-colored phase of artwork i produced at the end of june-july. (june-july wasn't even that bad, i just didn't know what kinda art i wanted to make and it frustrated the hell outta me lol.)

but now that that's done and over with, i think the next best step for me is to focus on the basics again. like anatomy, which i feel like ive been getting kinda lazy at in favor of colors and rendering. infact, quite a lotta pieces compiled here actually have either visible anatomy errors or are cases where i had to repaint over them to fix things i didn't catch at first. i've been attempting at getting outta same-face syndrome a LITTLE in doodles i've refrained from sharing. SFS isn't smthn i think is a serious problem (art→ subjective, whateverrrrrr) it's just that, i've discovered lately that when i'm not rendering, i feel BORED when i'm drawing... which isn't great lol. i took it as a sign i need to diversify what i draw more, though we'll see if i follow through on any of that.

OH YEAH, in addition. for once i compressed my images for this batch of artwork ;o; ;o; ;o; i..... didn't used to do that for the other ones. i have decent internet so images would always load pretty well, so i have no idea if compression did any difference for users w slower internet. hope it does tho. i always get v flustered over altering my images.


 AKA: where i share this month's major source of inspiration fuel 

i've been playing this single split on looooop since it's released. real funky, real feelgood imo.

slightly related tangent,,

these(?) songs released around the time i started reading this comic, "matikhluk" by 74756re (big reccommend btw). and bc of the timing, i ended up associating the two medias with each other! they fit each other sososo well though it's not even funny. dogbreath is a nin&lani-coded song istg.

mann. i dont know how to describe this genre of art whether it be music, or visual mediums, or whatever, that's just so,, aloof and kinda sluggish but kinda surreal. but whatever it is, i'm a big fan. i love mtkhlk, i love dark city/dogbreath. excited to see more britney cage in the future aswell, im so intruiged.

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