reference sheet for giomi, she's in semi-formal modern clothes.

PTC modern day au references.

creation date: aug 12

characters featured: giomi, enzo, & otis [at the end]

eheh. so i had this modern-day/normal AU crossover thingy with all of my story projects from like a year back, and i decided to revisit it with PTC. i think giomi would be a grade school history teacher in this AU, and amias is one of her students :D

i need to think abt it a lil more tho. i wanna give this lil alternate universe an actual story but all of my ideas r discombobulated scenes tht i need to figure out how to stitch together,, some real pantser shit.

here's a ref for enzo's design too which i am significantly less happy with, ehe.



reference sheets for enzo, he's wearing semi-formal modern clothes in one, and a heavy black coat in the other.

i wanted to do a little DR:SE callback with the gray-ish suit but i think his design is just way too boring here ;o; same w the everyday one. the black cape jacket fits him but i need to figure out smthn to make it more interesting. i'll redo it eventually.

EDIT NOV 11: adjusted it a lil, think its much better this way.

same as previous image, except with minor adjustments (shirt length, a scarf to go with his jacket, etc.)

also, unlike gio, im not 100% sure where he'd work at. some generic businessy-office-y thing probably. he also has like a. vaguely shady military background, of course. wouldn't be enzo without one.


sketchy doodle of giomi, otis, and enzo taking a polaroid photo.

otis's character in this au doesn't belong to me, so im not sure if im gonna make a ref sheet for him. there he is thou!