somber drawing done in soft, desaturated blues and reds. a dark-skinned girl with turqoise hair, wearing a red shawl and red halo, stares contemplatively to the side.

esme doodl

creation date: sept 27

characters featured: esme :D

aaa new character alert

i've had this character concept on the backburner for ages and finally whipped up a design for her. she was just meant to be a background character for ptc- one of the minigods- but once again i have become increasingly attached to a one-off design and am thinking of more places to put her in the story ;o;

i unexpectedly ended up rly liking her, but since i created her so quickly, i find myself drawing her a little differently every time. i either end up forgetting little parts of her costume or just changing the shape of her hair ever so slightly ;o;o;o;o; like in some arts on this month's blog i think i straight up didn't draw her halo ;o; grahhhh i'll eventually get used to drawing her

creation date: aug 27

GAH! another doodle for the pile

a portrait of a dark-skinned girl wearing a timid expression. she has piercing white eyes, turqoise hair and a halo hovering over her head.

i don't think this one was clean enough to have its own page dedicated to it. so i put it here instead. yippee !! esmesmeesmee i want to pinch her cheeks

creation date: aug 26

and now heres her ref sheet. i rly need to update it, theres a few things i consider out of date already

esme reference sheet

some things i need to make clearer for refsheet redo (lol its so much):