a boy with white hair and red eyes, who has mothlike features. he is accompanied by a girl with turqoise hair, dark skin, and has a red shawl wrapped around the both of them.

friends !

creation date: aug 28

characters featured: esme & amias

hehe i think they would be friends, that is all.

just some self-indulgent stuffs. drawing the mini/demigods being buddies make me very soft inside. we have an eternity to live out, might aswell live it w each other, u kno? they r children. mere children.

hmmmm, artwise this reminds me of smthn i woulda made on paint while i still had it. i struggled with imitating the look of it before, and i seem to have nailed it *here* completely by chance. ahhh... idk how i feel abt it. it's just cute, it's not my best piece, not my worst :,)