a drawing done in a pastel colrs, of a woman with set of black horns pertruding from her head, and who werars a halo resembling a sundail. her wrists are bound with golden chains and she's sitting with a sorrowful expression on her face.

trinity chibi and also her ref sheet i guess.

creation date: sept 9

characters featured: trinity

ugh who tf is this loser ?!

not rly a new character, i just redesigned her a bit. trinityyyy: god of something. dont ask her, she doesnt know ! shes just the sacrificial lamb~

trinity reference sheet

hhh she's one of those characters i love to think about but hate to write. kinda like enzo actually, haha. shes so frustrating, i wanna grab her by the shoulders and shake her like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT?!",, as if i am not the author making her do these things.

ah...... fun fact, her name being "trinity" is actually leftover from when ptc was still a jsab au. yeah.. remember apu? haha..... apu..............

[i stare longingly into the distance, and exgale a long and grated sigh, a thousand years' contained anguish flee my body like damned souls out hell. but of course, it is impossible, and the chains yank the hellscorned neck once more, choking and sputtering, return to hell. and i inhale.]


low-quality meme depicting a horse on a beach staring into the distance,

yeah anyways, on one fateful late night, i was thinking abt it a bit and the thought there may be a slim possibility that she could be interpreted as a jesus analogy made me shit my pants in fear. i need to change her name. shes not even jsab-related anymore why is she called trinity.......................

ahh oh yeah, another fun fact about her new design iteration - she has a sundial halo ! she's a sundial, isnt that quaint.