♦scuffed as hell


one drawing a day challenge. for this event, i shuffled my OC playlist and then drew whatever came to mind using that song as the prompt. this gallery is clickbait btw, all these drawings are in one page, just giving a heads up.

i am cursed to only complete like 5 days of a daily challenge and then nothing else. my inktober arts are always fire but i can never actually complete the damn thing, havent done the full 30 days since 2019 rip.

tbh i was finally getting the hang of it but had to quit bc of upcoming finals. i think i'll come back to this when i have the time, because as mentioned on the favorites page, i very much so derive a lot of my creativity from music, which is what these prompts were entirely based on. and as short as this inktober attempt was, it had me brimming w ideas.

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