2023 inktober dump

a drawing done in rusty reds and sickly greens. callisto, blood splatter on his face, bows while stood over a dead body. the two of them are surrounded by a wire fence, with a stage light shining down on them.

1. the modern wolf

The modern wolf, the modern wolf
Drippin' in all the lives that he took
He'll go on home, try to wash them off
But when he shaves, he hears them call

characters featured: callisto

i was very on the fence abt who to draw for this song. it was either darci or callisto for this one, but i decided to go w/ callisto in the end bc i interpreted the song to be about a cold-hearted killer. only when i finished the drawing did i realize it was actually probably about sex. deep sigh

perspective is botched as hell, but i was winging it w/o references, so it is to be expected. admittedly it looked better while i was zoomed in and actually drawing i swear. not my best work but i had fun making it. 🤷

2. lavender town

anton crawls towards the camera, hand outstretched and guts spilling from underneath him.

character featured: anton

i associate anton the most with this song- in my head i imagined a drawing of him reaching menacingly towards the camera. but then i just couldn’t get the pose right and then I got distracted trying to fix it and then. and now it looks like......... u kno. i feel like the idea for this one was better than the actual execution, the guts r tacky tbh but everything else is fine for what it is.

also yea I’m aware lavender is spelled wrong but idc

creepypasta song but anton yassifies it. ok.

3. you were there

a collection of doodles featuring isra in various highs and lows of emotion. the central portrait has him wide-eyed in shock. callisto is depicted in the top right corner staring at him. to the very right of the drawing is a panel depicting isra and callisto's past selves, lying together and holding hands.
You were there
I saw you and my heart stopped beating

characters featured: isra and callisto [top right & top left corners]

one of my favorites from the OC playlist's act 2, i was so happy i rolled this song. couldnt decide what to draw 100% so i just scribbled a bunch of misc things and this is what came out. i didn't like this art when i finished it at the time, but looking back now it's probably one of the better works of this month. i reaaally like the complementary turqoise and reds ^o^ tho i do want to do an actual fully-rendered illust based on this song when i have the time. with the proper subject matter n stuff. speaking of,

this is a heavily callisra-coded song. not even romantic, just like world-ending dread is how i interpreted it... which fits a LOTTTTTT with their relationship in the present-day. "i'd already grieved your death, yet you show yourself to me now, alive?"

4. parasite

enzo, slumped over, a black spiral obscuring his face and blood drenching his uniform. archer is sat gleefully next to him, gripping his hand.

characters featured: enzo & archer

despite how it's framed, i see archer being the speaker in this drawing rather than enzo.

hmm. i feel like every artwork i draw of these two is clickbait, they barely interact in canon but i always depict them like tragic enemies doomed forever. which is only very partially thematically true..... two sides of a coin, just ghosts trying to find a place to die. ho hum.

this is my favorite out of all the inktobers i managed to do (FIVE DAYS, L.) it just has a certain vibe that i can't decipher. whenever i draw angst, i always worry internally that it's too "tryhard" and inadvertedly ends up looking silly or melodramatic. i can't tell if it is the case for this art, especially in the case for someone with no context story-wise. but i do very much so savor the soft helplessness that i myself derive from this drawing. whateverr.

5. harp + pony

giomi sitting down with an expression of panic on her face.
Give me my attention and we'll be finе
I'll probably mention it like five hundrеd thousand times
Shower me in love and light until like everything's fine
I'm never falling in line, I know that I'm still refined

characters featured: giomi

this song fits gio soo much, it's her theme song atp.