a flat color digital illustration of a brown-skinned man with black hair, with bangs to his eyes. He wears a blue and gold uniform. he's holding up a peace sign and smiles warmly to the camera :]

comfort doodles :D

creation date: jul 23

character featured: enzo

it is what the title says it is. ddude...... hes so friend-shaped. i will never tire of drawing this man.

haha uh. speaking of "never growing tired"..... here is an expression meme template in which i drew him 10 times in a row :sob emoji:

a series of portraits organized like a chart, showing enzo in various stages of emotion.

just wanted to throw this one on this page too cos i dont think it's cool enough to deserve its own lol. plus it p much falls undder the label of comfort doodle too, so!

butyeah these were made on june 16. par0llel was doing them for her ocs and so i got a sudden burst of inspiration to do my own as well. and uuuuuuuu idk, im happy w the colors but the expressions themselves? not so much tbh. i purposefully held myself back from exaggerating them,,,, which is kinda what the template is meant to be for,,, since canonically enzo's meant to be the kinda person who has muted expressions,,, but i kinda regret holding back since a lotta these ended up looking the same in the end. i swearr the sketch looked better lmaoooo