a drawing of an orange-haired man in a magenta cloak, stepping atop his own dead body, sword in one hand, and the other holding up the body's severed head. there's a stream of blood coming from it, and pooling onto the floor.
same subject matter as the image above, except now the drawing is in an eye-straining color palette. the background's colors have also been replaced with bright primary colors.

nothing sacred

creation date: july 15

character featured: callisto

apparently i started this on my birthday lol, i dont remember that fact at all.

okay so, the specific drawing prompt of callisto cutting off the head of his past self has been something i've been meaning to draw for fucking AGES. brother i was so excited to start this piece.

because of that fact though, i think i came in with too high of an expectation for the final product, and i don't think that i was ever able to meet my expectations. im not rlly upset about it though, i got as far as my skill could take take me and overall the colors are real nice. that's probs the thing im the most proud of here. but the purple highlights in this are so MUTED on my laptop in oppsed to my phone r u KIDDING ME!:?!!??!?

footnone: dude, i literally as i am typing this have just realized i forgot to include his freckles. MOTHERFUCKER. i always forget them its so annoyinfsdfjkhjsdafhkdfkjasdfhkjsdf

overall p happy w it tho