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a black and white pen drawing of a man with messy hair, dressed in a cropped vest shirt and shorts. he's in an arrogant-looking pose with his hand placed daintily on his chest, and is wearing a smug grin. the page is decorated with patterned black and pink washi tapes.
an assortment of pen drawings of enzo, mostly bust-shots. the page is decorated with black and pink rose-themed washi tapes.

pink sketchbook spread :D

creation date: july

characters featured: ali [first page] & enzo [bottom page]

idk why these pages are so dam blurry wtf

also HA! you've been CLICKBAITED ! i snuck in an enzo drawing HEHEHE. can u tell which character is my favorite yet?

anyways. all significant commentary for the first page is in the hover transcript for it. but overall, this page spread was inspired by prykations' sketchbook tours. he uses a lotta washi tape and oftentimes integrates text into their pages, so i. attempted to recreate the vibe in one of my own spreads. in my own style ofc. :,D

honestly the exaggerated collaging and overlapping elements are really fun, i think i might do it more often.

it's a man with long brown hair down to his shoulders and pitch black eyes. he's wearing a navy blue uniform and weilding a bident. there's three drawings of him on the page, each in a different pose.