monochromatic artwork featuring a girl with long black hair and in a white vest. she looks straight ahead, somberly. in one hand, she holds a landyard, and in other, a tazer. the art is stylized with blocky shapes and harsh comic-styled cel shading, captioned 'barren sow'. two bust shot illustrations of the same girl. in the first, she folds her hands together and looks to the side, her hair blowing to the right. in the second, she looks to the viewer and points to herself. the artwork is decorated in star iconography and vertiacl patterns done in highlighter. captioned, 'what do u rlly want.'


creation date: december 2023

characters featured: burs

these were drawn sometime after the horrors(tm) but before the other horrors(c). but alsoooo this was sometime before i started free-handing all my traditional art!

the first drawing was actually the last fully sketched + purposefully lined artwork i drew in my sketchbook. the second art was my first attempt at free-handing, but it's obvious i haven't stepped outta my comfort zone yet at this point in time. too clean,,,,,