an assortment of doodles featuring a group of people posed together. it's monochrome in color scheme and decorated with grid-patterned washi tape and some splashes of gray and yellow.

ptc doodles

creation date: may

characters featured: [from left to right] enzo, giomi, otis, amias

omg its the main cast being silly !!! ouugh i love them so sooo much eheuehehe !! i scribbled this one up while bored during the summer. nothing too much to say abt this one tbh, its just cute imo

anyways, the other half of the page spread !

drawing of a man holding a trident in a sort of dynamic pose. the page is decorated with a wheat stem taped into it, and some collaging photos.

a lot of collaging in this one ! i drew enzo first and then was scared to doodle anything else on the page bc i liked that one drawing too much lol.

i wrote the lyrics to "sabotage everything" by ada rook on this page, even thou the lyrics could not relate less to enzo as a character lol. it was just what i was listening to that as i drew it.

it is, ofc, a banger.

i'd considered showcasing the two pages in seperate webpages but then the 1st page would be so empty cos i dont have jack to say abt it ;o;