creation date: apr 1

characters featured: (in order) enzo, juro, enzo again lol

a continuation of this endeavor. my wall is sloowly starting to look less depressing.

i ordered some prints of my digital artwork a few weeks ago and have not heard back from the print store since. im on the edge of my seat about it, i've been left totally and completely in the dark RAAAHHHH.

urg..... i miss having more time to draw. fuckworld.... ]

older doodles from the past months:

digital art of enzo in a simplified, cutsey style. his hands are clasped together and he stares at the camera, eyebrows raised and small smile on his face. captioned, 'polite.' the artwork has a warm orange-brown overlay and is textured with gritty vertical lines.

misc doodledump

creation date: jan 30-mar 5

you know who it is.

two doodles, to the left is enzo without his signature 'halo ahoge,' captioned, 'who?' - to the right is enzo with it, captioned 'oh, it's enzo.'

i drew these at various points in between winter break's end and spring break's beginning. the first drawing was a doodle from my class notes that i colored digitally, and the one below i drew immediatley after finishing my last final. fitting visual.

scratchy and sketchy digital artwork of enzo asleep at a desk.
digital artwork of enzo staring sharply at the camera. he's shrouded in darkness, except for a dull spotlight shining on him from overhead. the backdrop is an eyestraining cyan.

heres one of trinity.

a pastel-colored digital illustration of trinity looking tentatively to the side with a weak smile. the lineart is scratchy and free-form and the colors spill from the lines, making the art look inky, blotchy, and hazy.

and..... an alt design for somebody.

a scribbly, rough digital art of a celestial-looking girl. her skin is a grayish purple and bright starry freckles line her cheeks. her sleeveless dress is a deep violet and a single tear-shaped gem is placed above her chest. glowing horns adorn the sides of her head and curl upwards, while two dripping halos hover above her.

overall i don't have much to say about these. they were stress relievers in between schoolwork and so are rly sloppy and not too visually *there* 🤷

gahhh these past few months in particular have been p slow for polished artworks, i feel kinda sad abt it,, the consistency in which motivation hits will continue to be scattered ig. mostly, i feel insane.