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digital art of lyre, lit by warm peachy hues, and colored blockily and messily. rays of light reach out from behind her, imitating divity, and she flashes an eerie smile to the camera. to the right are a few charts and bullet points, listing out stats and quirks.
digital art of archer, shrouded in a deep, sickly greenish shadow. the only light is the red star above his head, shining down dimly on his face imposingly. his eyes are downturned and he smiles weakly. to the side of this art are miscaleneous writings.

more oc charts

creation date: apr 15

characters featured: (in order) lyre and archer

a continuation of this !

i put significantly more effort into these ones as opposed to the others lol. i barely have any presentable rendered artwork of archer and lyre despite them being the protags of ptc's entire second arc, smh. i really do like them as characters, it's time i give them a lil more love 😴

screenshot of a discord messege, saying: 'clinically insane animals.'