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filled oc charts w the PTC cast^-^

creation date: jan 19

characters featured (in order): giomi, otis, enzo, amias

aw helllll naw, not the w3schools carousel [lighthearted]

these charts were making their rounds on twitter, at least in the communities i was in, and so i just had to fill em out too with the PTC main cast^^ just,,,, not on twt.

i did these pretty quickly, intending for them to be doodles, but alas, they have entered a semi-rendered, semi-sketch state. messy as it is, i really like how these came out, especially the 3rd one. i tried to do v thick, dark lineart first and then did flats on top of them in same layer, redoing when neccessary.

i really hope i'll remember how to do this coloring style later down the line, something just hits a lil different with these idk. once again looking at enzo's portrait aegehehegee im so predictable.