crude marker drawings done on a lined notepad and tinted in pink. to the right, the subject is a wavy-haired girl in overalls. she's drawn in vibrant neon purples and yellows, but her expression is mellow. at the bottom of the page, there are various sharpie doodles of her in the midst of a dance.
pen drawings with a hazy lime green tint. at the center of the page, two figures, a boy, and the girl from the previous drawing, embrace. the page is decorated with encompassing star shapes done in orange highlighter.
sharpie drawings in pink and blue, featuring shoulder-up character art of the same boy featured in the previous image. he has a round face, sharp upturned eyes, a smug expression, and is wearing layred clothing with a huge collar.

PM doods

creation date: feb 16-29

characters featured: keyata & ali [OC]

i talked about PM or 'plastic mind' a little in this post, but because of a rp i did with a friend a while back, i've really taken a liking to these characters once again after years(?) of not touching them.

ouuuuu i became lowkey obsessed and it KILLED ME, during my finals week i was thinking of so many drawing ideas but did not have the luxury to draw ANY OF THEM. these arts were just very veryyy quick scribbles to scratch the itch, but i have yet to make a serious illustration with them.

a little introduction to these characters: