pencil doodle of a poised and gentle-looking man with a long face, and curly hair which nearly covers his left eye. he wears glasses, and a long drape, and holds in his hands a glowing flower.
pencil doodles of a woman in headdress and jewlery, and wearing a large hood. she has long, flowing hair down to her shoulders and holds an authouratative pose. she looks down at the camera with sharp eyes and a wide open smile.

hehe apple turnovers. anyways


creation date: jan 29

characters featured: loic & ysme [soulsov]

play the soul of sovereignty preulude by ggdg RIGHT NOW, for!! georgeous art!! graceful prose!! mindboggling character dynamic like how do you even describe,

FWAHHHHH i need to make a better illust for these two characters, i know the anatomy errors are there YES. I KNOW. i just needed to get my energy out on the page. soulsov. so real. i feel so soft and floaty after playing. genuinely inspiring piece of art WOWWW :,D