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I am not immune to spacing tf out and imagining elaborate scenes in my head while listening to good songs. music is what inspires a good chunk of my creative proccess nowadays and these albums here are the main culprits. as a pantser, here are my essentials, ordered by what is most relevant to me atm.

additional links lead to their bandcamp pages, or the equivalent.

One Leg Mary - On the Quiet

[ indie rock ]

i found this album through the "skid vs larry" fight and ended up liking it a lot. like, became my #1, a lot. "sweet melodies & edgy instrumentals," huh? what a vibe. 90% of my OC inspo comes from here and looking at the lyrics i think it's v obvious, haha

favorite tracks:
  1. to old endings
  2. the bipolar
  3. on the quiet

rook&nomie - me&you

[electronic / coldwave / synthpop]

any track of rook&nomie's is phenomenal. the two of them piece together stories about home and companionship through music like a mystical sci-fi. just otherworldly sound. if you listen to any album on here, it should be this one.

favorite tracks:
  1. drift+disconnect
  2. incorporeal
  3. azure paler than the sky


[experimental / industrial / choral?]

loud, elegant, experimental. i adore GHOST's newer works and this collection of instrumentals is no exception. this EP gets me so pumped up.

favorite tracks:

Apashe - Renaissance

[electronic orchestral / edm]

I AM A CERTIFIED APASHE FAN, ATMOSPHERE GOES CRAZY, EACH SONG HAS SO MUCH ACTION !!! ENERGY !!! apashe is classical music with a modern twist; majestic and yet so SO agressive, something you could imagine in a fight scene.

favorite tracks:
  1. lord & master
  2. good news
  3. green crack

clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned

[alternative / hip-hop / noise]

incredibly satisfying yet grating noise, combined with the catchiest horror-themed lyricism i've heard. a seamless listening experience.

favorite tracks:
  1. check the lock
  2. say the name
  3. enlacing

Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia s2 OST

[ electronic ]

yeah, i watched that one pyrocinical video essay. music still goes hard though, such a unique spin on atmospheric tracks. my study music </3

favorite tracks:
  1. lucidity gone
  2. i feel separated
  3. v day baby

Glass Animals - How to be a Human Being

[ alternative ]

comfort album since middle school ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌

favorite tracks:
  1. pork soda
  2. other side of paradise
  3. agnes

if all this intruiges you, here is a collection of a buuunch of albums (or playlists) that i enjoy, or have enjoyed over the past few years :D


a mild extension to the "albums" section, except for individual tracks !


a bit of a vague category, yeah? this is a showcase for medias whose narratives have greatly effected me and the kinda stuff i wanna create. i say "medias" cos i don't wanna limit what i decide to put in this section, even tho there's only 4 of them here right now, haha. anyways. it's mostly horror stories [or horror-adjacent] that tend to stick with me, and it is horror that i will share :}

lethargy hill

kitty horrorshow's writing is a joy, her descriptions are so vivid and gross and intruiging. i watched thru "lethargy hill" on youtube before i played the games that it was a part of. despite it being the least mechanically interesting and the most simplistic story out of all of them, this one utterly captivated me.

"there should be more here," huh. it's a story about a tormented and disolusioned creator, and i guess its dreariness is something that drew me in. this might just be me speaking out of my ass here, but this feels so second-hand - i KNOW this house and it's so..... uncomfortable? idk if that makes sense, i hope u see my vision tho. 😴

my september

this animation lives in my head rent free. three years and still, i can't get over the feelings that overcame me when i first watched it, never can tire of it. it's the type of horror that isn't scary per se, just sad and dreadful.

this was the first vivinos animation i watched, and since then, they've only created far more impressive works. if this seems like your cup of tea, i highly reccomend "beloved" and their latest project, the music series, "alien stage"

FAITH: the unholy trinity

WHOAHHH. just wow, you know? these 3 games are up there for one of my favorite game series of all time. FAITH is the story of a priest returning to a home in which he failed an exorcism years ago, and attempts to finish the job... (image links to steam page)

how unnassuming its retro visuals are, yet how chilling and intense the entire experience manages to be nonetheless. the kind of storytelling that lets your brain fill in the blanks. i have been infatuated with this series since the first installation, and seeing it to completion was such a RIDE. pls play game. i wish i could say more, tho i refrain from spoiling. if you allow me to yap, however...

the story to me, while it is a horror around the 80s satanic panic first, it is an exploration about the battle with guilt, trauma, and your own faith second. the MC is SO COMPELLING-- so many bits to dissect. my one and only "literally me" character btw. (sigh wistfully)

Entirely Beloved: _ Boisvert


this is a part of a series of videos, but i don't come back to those nearly as much as i do this particular video. real big fan of the rotoscoped visuals and accompanying poetry.

will add visuals eventually--!

but for now, here is my pure, unfiltered, riddled in gramatical error, and raw, webcomic faves list


  1. Gloomverse – been following the author since her aftertale days, she only makes bangers. GV is a fantastic comedy drama about a magicless girl coming into her own under the mentorship of world-famous magician wallis gloom. a simple story that is jam packed with such fun worldbuilding and characters that are just. so dynamic and easy to root for. [link]
  2. Serendipity – Teenaged perils told through a magical girl lens. sigh whistfully. This one’s for the girls. [link]
  3. Scoob and Shag – an elaborate cartoon crossover which starts as a series of dumb shitposts and then evolves into. horror. i’ve reread it who knows how many times, couldn’t recommend more. [link]
  4. Castle Swimmer – forbidden romance between a prince and the holy being that he's prophesied to kill in order to save his people. gets INCREDIBLY heavy as it goes on, tackling themes of destiny, agency, survivor's guilt... a masterfully paced story that is warm as it is painful. [link]
  5. Mritunjoy's tragicomedy – A drama about a team of necromancers "taking care of" a family’s web of lies. Gorgeous artwork and eye-catching page layouts, with such a fascinating story that I can’t seem to wrap my head around but am enamored by all the same. [link]
  6. Lovebot – A cute and tender, yet somewhat existential and frankly really angsty sci-fi love story with themes of identity and purpose, told through the eyes of a robot designed for sex. LBGBT-centric! [link]
  7. Electric Bones – You kinda love to hate everyone in this story. It's a toxic relationship set in space, revolving around a dude and the robot who looks an awful lot like the asshole who got him fired. [link]
  8. Ghost Eyes – No heroes here, just a bunch of fucked up kids trying to make it through the world and keep the supernatural horrors at bay. told through the eyes of a 15-year-old religious recluse, tobias schneien. while the opening quarter of the comic’s dialogue is rather ametur, the character writing evolves into the best I have ever read, especially from a comic which uneshamedlessly portrays messy aspects of mental anguish. such complex and gray characters i love to observe. [link]
  9. I'm the Grim Reaper – Who are you to judge what is a sin? When the nature of humanity is so fluctuating and complex? This is what Scarlet, the newest grim reaper, is forced to grapple with when assigned her new job-- to kill one sinner a day. Unashamdlessly edgy, I adore it and what it stands for. [link]
  10. Flawed Almighty – From the author of Bastard and Sweet Home, Flawed Almighty is about the relationship between a sinner cursed by God, and his guardian angel. It's a somewhat stark shift from kim's original horror works, now taking a focus on… comedy. Which he nails. Both MCs are so endearing and easy to root for, and jeonji’s arc, like all of kim's MCs, never fails to feel so uniquely human. [link]

Honorable Mentions !

shorter more straight-to-the-point stories.

  • how to escape the end of the world - zombie apocalypse/meta horror - a short from the "brain anthology." [warning for gore and death lol.]
  • toaster dude - slice of life/superhero comic about a guy whose life purpose since childhood is to simply buy a toaster.


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