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paradise's tragicomedy

"up in the sky is a graveyard, lined with the shells of rotten worlds. the universe is dying at the hands of absent gods, but hope lies in a place of legend where none can die."

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Living doll, historian, academic. Giomi is obsessively deciphering a series of runes that are (supposedly) responsible for reviving the dead.

Always chipper and happy to teach, she will gladly geek out about her dead-end findings for eons. Her dedication did not stem from any desire to save the dead, however. But rather, from the fact she is missing all of her memories prior to her discovery of these runes.

A shady past, an eccentric passion, and a cutthroat desire for knowledge. Despite her admirable profession, most tend to stay clear of her.

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When the interplanetary war his planet was engaged in ended in the total annihilation of his sol system, Archer didn't despair.

With a gaping wound through his chest, hollow eyes as black as the sky, and a body with no heart - inexplicably he's still alive - and he's here for a reason. His existence, he deemed, is proof that the universe has allowed him to resume his duty.

The war is over, but his job isn't, not until every other surviving enemy has been wiped off the galaxy.

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A brown-skinned man with black hair, with bangs to his eyes. his yellow eyes wear a sharp glare. On the sides of his head are gray fins where his ears would be. He wears a blue and gold uniform.


An ex-soldier and traitor who longs to return to the place he hated so much, for reasons unclear in his eyes.

Soft-tempered & introspective, but out of the public eye is withdrawn and easily peeved.

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The formerly adored ex-emperor of a nation that later turned to exile him.

A strong-willed and hard-headed individual with security at the forefront of his mind.

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Demigod whose domain is light and memory.

Downturned eyes and melancholic demeanor, Esme pities the world she rules. After her ascention, tries hard to uncover why the other gods disappeared.

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"The right eye of the gods," molded and given life to relay messages from the divine to mortalkind, who up until now, has been in hibernation for decades. Now, they reawaken, preaching with fondness their visions of the end.

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A young nomad and survivalist searching to be reuinited with his missing sister, Lyre. Standoffish, self-serving, yet naturally inquisitive, Amias is forever in search of a concrete and predictible world.

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A manmade god, created from a series of experiments, who views her newfound power with malice. Taking on the divine mantle of 'judgment,' she seeks to remedy the wrongs of the universe, but gets it scarily wrong.

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Another Misadventure | S2

"Meet you at the end of time."

skipping S1 coz it's going thru a bit of a rehaul rn D:


A philosopher and poet whose questionable teachings caused her to be socially ostracized from her community. She appears to be in her forties, though she's lived much, much longer than that. She made a promise to someone, to meet them at the end of the world, and she intends to keep it.

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Callisto died a hundred years ago, slain a gladiator. Yet, he opens his eyes in the present day, revived in a murky tomb with a sword at his side.

Believes the reasoning to his revival is to end humanity.

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The pseudo-god wants to make a deal! But if he hands you a contract, just make sure to read the fine print. Dealer of forbidden knowledge, lets the client choose the price they pay, though it never really goes that well for them.

Knew Callisto from his gladiator days.

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plastic mind

"about an artist, and android, and a tech corporation going down in flames."

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Keyata is a painting prodigy who now tries her best to to reconnect with her passions after the recent loss of her eyesight.

Naturally shy and soft-spoken; the type to choose her words carefully. Too timid to break rules, but too much of a thinker to stay still, Keyata wants a lot out of life and believes she was meant for greater things. Upset with the hand she was dealt but more upset at whether she's even *lived* up until this point.


Prototype for an elite new line of robots, but was deemed a failure and set to be scrapped. Last-minute, he was instead repurposed into a common caretaker bot. The distressing experience led him to develop sentience.

He has a relaxed, yet stern attitude, and is unafraid to throw the occasional shade. Carries with him an air of grandiosity, though it's obviously a bit to cover up his distaste for the caretaker role. Believes he was meant for greater things.

mrs. emerson

One of the scientists involved in the creation of WME's newest line of robots.

After the project was discontinued, Emerson has considered the one remaining sentient prototype her greatest accomplishment and will not accept its failure.


The young inventor whose image Ali was built around. Though he's dead, his influence still lingers.

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yup. those are OCs alright. i've witheld a lotta info and frankly wanna keep things as vague as possible since i will likely never publicize the projects these charries are from :D maybe i will share more someday but for now,, secrets secrets secretssss~~ there's just enough to understand my arts a little better as an outsider tho i hope it was a neat read nonetheless.

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