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Abt Posting / Update Schedule?

updates come in bi-monthly batches with no specific dates. done exclusively to prevent burnout via forced hiatus

you can expect an explosion-sized content-drop once in a blue moon, and then complete radio silence till the next batch comes around~

Abt Me

ember sācher's my penname. inout of consciousness since '03, and a hobbyist OC artist & wannabe comic creator on the sidelines. strictly of the self-indulgent variety.

i'd like these creations of mine to be the site's main focus, and so the specifics of myself and my identity will be but a mere vague presence here *-* you may peek at inspos, however, in the "favorites" tab & find site updates on the site profile :)


where does the name "ember sācher" come from, anyhow? (a ramble on pronounciations and inspirations)

fun trivia if anyone rly wants to know--!

my penname is inspired by the band, “alice schach and the magic orchestra” ! i rather impulsively decided i wanted to pay tribute to them somehow :} thus, naming myself vaguely off of their sound. schach —> sācher 😋

normally "sacher" is not meant to have the hard ā over it, but i'm evil and decided to pronounce it like "say-share."

current interests????

what occupies my mind when im not doing.. this *-*

  • god of war franchise ☆
  • metal gear franchise
  • dungeon meshi
  • QSMP (main POVs: philza & fitMC)
  • O....OCTs................
  • BIRDS!!!!!! all kinds of birds :D :D :DDD

Abt the Art

for my digital art, i use ibispaint and my phone to draw. im still looking for an ibis brush that perfectly replicates the mspaint marker, that thing is my bread and butter.

a list of my tools and brushes:

(ibis only)


as for sketching, i use the default 'ruling pen' brush on 30% opacity. all of the memes in this post were done w this method.



these brushes are ASS for blending, so don't grab them if that's what you want. consider them dry brushes that come with minor color variation. color-picking the variants and slow layering is mainly how i go about rendering with these things. but hey who am i to police.

for gradients, soft shading, and the like, i have a modified 'pen (fade)' brush.

Abt OC projects?

ahyes, the subject of my arts and why i draw.

to elaborate on the content of my art itself a lil, i'm workin on some multi-media, kinda-comics, mostly-not, story projects for my OCs (in their conceptual stages & not hosted here). the majority of the characters you'll see in my artblog are from my main projects as i am developing them:

  • Paradise's Tragicomedy (PTC) & Another Misadventure (AM)

for basic introductions to the projects and characters, you can check the OC page or browse my artfight profile for some elaboration.

regardless, if a character shows up, their name will be linked in that artwork's commentary section - although knowledge of the character/their project is definitely not needed to consume what's posted here. just some fun trivia!

my links

  • if you spot any technical issues with the site or would just like to ask a question, you may msg me on discord at embrrrr [REMEMBER: IT'S **FOUR** R's]
  • my neocities site profile
  • i'm also on artfight, but that's about it.

personal site directory

sites that i enjoy! whether that be for their artwork or for their words. a select few of these sites vaguely inspired my own as well :D

my button: *-*

sacher sacher

Abt the Mascots

the silly little guys in the sidebar icon, and the ocs that inspired the look of the site :D

chibi flat-color of a preppy blue-haired girl in semi-formal attire, and wearing a big black hat.

GIOMI !! light mode mascot & also the the protagonist to PTC. living doll archivist lady in search of her missing memories. a sweetheart, really.

chibi flat-color of a boy in gray and black semi-formal attire. half his scruffy brown hair is dyed gray. his red eyes are downturned and he wears a scowl.

anton! dark mode mascot and misc minor antagonist. put his heart inside a robot so he could run his company even after death.

will add more to the info page when i think of it.

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